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Released on 22/01/2015 Now That I've Found You

Vinnie is an ordinary man. Ellen is an ordinary woman....

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Released on 05/02/2015 One Wish

Becky is used to her young daughter asking tricky questions, but lately Lilly has become fascinated by one in particular - why she doesn't have a father. And Becky realises that it's not a subject she can ignore for much longer....

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Released on 05/01/2015 The Walking Flute

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Released on 19/02/2015 How Many Letters Are In Goodbye?

It's been almost eleven years since Rhea Farrell last wrote to her mother....

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Released on 05/02/2015 The Music of Love

Kirsty O'Neill has always known her own mind. At thirty-one years old, she is already running her own successful business, making waves in the Irish fashion world, and has decided that the handsome Robbie Hennessy is the man she'll build her future with....

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Released on 08/01/2015 Taking Heaven Lightly

Roisin Fitzpatrick was in the midst of suffering a life-threatening brain haemorrhage when she felt herself being drawn out of her body and enveloped in a radiant light. There, in a blissful vision of the afterlife, she experienced the most powerful transformation of her life....

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Forthcoming Titles

  • You're Grand - 9781444797749

    You're Grand

    Paperback – 3/5/2015

    Irish Women have been around for ages - some would say almost as long as Irish Men. We've learned a lot in that time but, until now, we haven't shared it. Perhaps being shushed by priests/foreign inva...

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  • A Question of Betrayal - 9781473607231

    A Question of Betrayal

    Trade paperback – 4/16/2015

    On a windswept beach in County Cork, a woman rescues a young man from the sea. A gifted musician, Luis Meyer's life has fallen apart and he's determined to end it all, until an angel of mercy pulls hi...

  • Full On - 9781444798746

    Full On

    Paperback – 5/1/2015

    In Full On, ex-government minister, businessman and broadcaster Ivan Yates recounts a fascinating political and personal story. From his early days in Enniscorthy to his youthful entry int...