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Released on 07/08/2014 The Spanish Letter

She thought she knew the men in her life...

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Released on 04/09/2014 A Husband's Confession

The artisan bakery Ali and Max Kennedy own isn't just a successful business - it's a second home, a dream come true. But when bad luck begins to stalk the couple, Ali worries that her fear of losing it all is becoming a reality....

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Released on 18/09/2014 After the Wedding

After a bumpy start, Nell and James have finally said 'I do' and everything seems to be falling into place. Nell is getting comfortable in her new role as stepmother to James' sixteen-year-old son Andy, she's finally mending fences with her father and she's ready to look to the future....

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Released on 02/10/2014 The Winter Gathering

It's ten years on from the first winter gathering, when four of Maggie Quinn's closest friends rushed in to spend Christmas with her after her husband walked out just days before. And, at Christmastime, it doesn't take long for an event to become a tradition....

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  • The Pink Pepper Tree - 9781444743388

    The Pink Pepper Tree

    Paperback – 11/6/2014 – Muriel Bolger

    June Cusack is refusing to attend her husband Lorcan's funeral and everyone around her is wondering why: what kind of wife won't say goodbye to her husband of seven years?Her reasons for n...

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  • The Walking Flute - 9781444744118

    The Walking Flute

    Paperback – 1/5/2015 – Bebhinn Ramsay

  • Now That I've Found You - 9781444725865

    Now That I've Found You

    Paperback – 1/22/2015 – Ciara Geraghty

    Forty-two-year-old Vinnie knows lots of things.He knows new books and school shoes are expensive. He knows his teenage daughter keeps getting into trouble and he knows his seve...